Are binaural beats safe?

Are binaural beats safe to use?


Brainwave entrainment has been used and documented in the medical field for well over 75 years now. In fact, bwe been used knowingly and unknowingly throughout time spanning back

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as far as recorded history. The repetitive drum beat of healing rituals performed by ancient cultures was actually ‘entraining’ the brain to certain frequencies, opening the minds of the listeners to manifesting health. More on the history of brain entrainment here.

All of this to say, people have been safely using brain entrainment for a long time now. The more recent, and more scientific, use of brain entrainment has been proven to show many positive results. This is typically what researchers focus on. Studies like the brain entrainment safetyMetro-Dave Police department study in the early 1990’s that found entrainment can reduce muscle tension and heart rate helping police be able to handle stressful situations, and in 1993 a study on a group of boys with learning disabilities age 8 – 12 showed an average IQ increase of 8 points after 40 sessions of brain entrainment, are just a couple of the examples of great results achieved through the use of brain entrainment.

Are binaural beats safe in the long term?


But, have there also been studies on the long term effects of brain entrainment? Through the research on the benefits of brainwave entrainment, there have been no major discoveries of negative or damaging effects of entrainment on the brain. However there are certain people that should not use this technology like:

If you have any question as to whether or not you can or should use brainwave entrainment, ask your doctor.


In conclusion, is brainwave entrainment safe?


Yes! If you use them according to the instructions of the developer of the product that you buy, brain entrainment is a safe way to get your brain operating on the frequency that you want. And it just flat out makes you feel good!


brain entrainment safety


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