Thought Vibrations

What are thought vibrations?


Everything is energy. Think about it…

Everything that we see on this earth is made up of atoms. And what are atoms?

Everything is energy

In essence, they are positively and negatively charged particles held together by an electromagnetic charge.  This electromagnetic charge keeps the particles constantly orbiting around a nucleus.

The truth is most of what makes up an atom is the space between the nucleus and these orbiting particles.  So most of the things we see are not as solid as we perceive them to be. However, that is a whole other topic.  The point here is that everything we see on this earth is a moving particles of energy by nature.  No matter how solid and lifeless it may appear, the atoms and molecules that make up everything in the world are in constant motion creating an energetic and vibrational force.

We can not see all of these vibrational forces around us.  This is evident with light, heat, electricity, magnetism, and sound waves.  The more technology advances, the more frequencies we are discovering around us that we could not measure before with our normal human senses.  We now know of their existence because of our advancements in the tools that scientists have created to measure them.

“When we think we send out vibrations of a fine ethereal substance, which are as real as the vibrations manifesting light, heat, electricity, and magnetism. That these vibrations are not evident to our five senses is no proof that they do not exist.”

-William Walker Atkinson (Thought Vibration)


thought vibration readout for EEG

EEG machine recording brainwaves and thought vibration

Vibration Science

Through electroencephalography (the measurement of electrical activity in the brain), science has proven the concept of thought vibration.  An EEG machine uses small sensors all over the scalp to read the frequencies of electrical activity radiating from the skull. Extensive testing has been done with this technology including the effects of brain entrainment on the brain’s wave patterns to see the level of activity in different areas of the brain.


Thought vibration application

So when we think, we are setting into motion vibrations in all directions. These vibrations are just as real as any other unseen waves such as light, heat, electricity, and magnetism. Because we understand the laws governing those vibrations, we know how to use them to our benefit. Likewise, once you gain an understanding of the laws of the vibrations of the mind, you will be unstoppable in using the law of attraction in the thought world.

-William Walker Atkinson (Thought Vibration)


William Walker Atkinson wrote the book Thought Vibrations over 100 years ago.  Exciting things have happened since he put into writing this blueprint for the concept of how our thoughts create this mental signal that is constantly sent into the universe.

Knowing that this signal exists and that we have constant control over it is life changing.  If we apply the concept of thought vibrations in a positive way, we can use this to our advantage in our everyday lives.

“A strong thought, long continued is like a radio tower that not only sends out a strong signal, but receives on the same frequency.”

-William Walker Atkinson (Thought Vibration)

Just like the when someone plays a note on the piano with the pedal down and the other harmonious strings vibrate in resonance with the vibrational forces set forth by the first string, so it is with the vibrations of your thoughts.

Positive thought vibrations

Attract positive events with positive thought vibrations


Like attracts like in the thought world.


What you focus on in your mind becomes a powerful electrical and energy filled frequency that transmits to, and resonates with everything around you.  So, consistent positive thought can attract positive people and events into your life!

This is obviously an over simplified explanation on how the Law of Attraction and the power of your thoughts work, but none-the-less a great way to start to understand the concept of the infinite power of the human mind.



So how do we tune the vibrational pattern of our brains for success?

According to the UCLA Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, the human brain averages up to 70,000 thoughts every day.  There is a lot of scattered brain activity going on inside your head every day so, as you can imagine, changing the vibrational pattern of your brain can be quite difficult, especially at first.

Brainwave frequencies fluctuate quite rapidly throughout the day and there is actually a lot of conflicting frequencies being created at the same time.  Negative mind chatter and unsupportive thoughts will creep into your mind, create distractions, and essentially convince you that where you are at in your life is comfortable and you will not be able to achieve much more.  To turn this mental process around, you must stop allowing your brain to run on “auto pilot” by responding to everything around you with your pre-programed subconscious reactions.

You must observe your thoughts.  Take a few seconds as many times as you can throughout the day to stop and notice what you are thinking about.  Set a timer on your phone or watch for three times a day to do this if you know you will have trouble remembering.  When you observe your thoughts, check to see if they are non-supportive ways of thinking.  Are you focused on circumstances that feel like you can’t change?  If you are focused on anything besides what you are doing now or going to do to create a prosperous and happy life for yourself and others, you are probably not focused on the right thing.  This is one of the most beneficial and crucial steps in the change of your vibrational pattern.  Just like anything else, it becomes easier with time and practice.

Meditation is the process of taking the time to quiet your mind and observe your thoughts.  Once you become aware of your thought patterns, you will Meditation and vibrationnotice trends that you can then start to modify to make positive changes in your life.  Patterns of negative thoughts can be turned around.  Deep rooted fears and limiting beliefs will be exposed allowing change to happen.


Meditation made easy


Meditation is simply a form of focused thinking or a higher level of concentration.  While in a meditative state, you are in an alternate mode of consciousness.  Your mind becomes relaxed and focused by operating in the alpha brainwave frequency.  This is when you are opened up to a inner world of creativity, healing, and inner peace.

How do you get into a meditative state without hours and hours of practice and without spending thousands on meditation self help courses and seminars?

Brainwave entrainment

By listening to an audio recording enhanced with brainwave entrainment technology, you can gently lower your brainwaves to a focused alpha level while remaining aware to observe your thoughts.  In this altered state of consciousness, you will gain access to your subconscious mind, intuition, and other great powers hidden within you.

All you have to do is sit quietly and listen to the mp3 and be mindful of the thoughts going through your head. This is a great place to start in the process of understanding your thought vibrations and how to get them in tune to creating positive events in your life.