What are binaural beats?

what are binaural beatsBinaural beats basics: What are binaural beats?



Binaural beats are a specifically designed audio recordings that are designed to alter your state of consciousness by changing the frequency of your brainwaves. When you listen to binaural beats, electrical activity in your brain is guided safely and naturally to follow the frequency of the recording.

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Why would you want to change your brainwaves?

There are many different reasons to alter the

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electrical activity in your brain. There are many health benefits as well as developing an enhanced mental and spiritual well-being.
Studies of the electrical activity in the brain on people who meditate remarkably resemble that of a person who listens to a binaural beat recording. There are many benefits of this altered state of consciousness including:

  • Relief from stress and anxiety promoting relaxation
  • Promotes neuron growth in the brain
  • Sharpens concentration and focus (perfect for those who suffer from ADD)
  • Induces brainwave synchronization and whole brain functioning (amazing stuff!)
  • Helps you raise your overall IQ level
  • Learn quicker
  • Be more productive with less sleep
  • Attain higher quality sleep
  • Get into an extreme meditative state without practice
  • Boost self confidence
  • Increased intuition and creativity
  • Expand your consciousness
  • More overall peace and happiness

How exactly do binaural beats work?

Your brain has billions of brain cells called neurons that communicate via electrical impulses. These electrical impulses produce waves of energy that we call brainwave. When you listen to binaural beats, you are effectively gently altering the electrical activity in the brain to match the cycle of the frequency you are listening to.
How do they do this?
Binaural beats are basically just two different frequency tones that are played into each each ear. When you listen with headphones on, the difference between the two frequencies is registered in the middle of the brain and the electrical activity syncs up with this new frequency altering your state of consciousness.
For example, a frequency of 400 htz (or cycles per second) is played in one ear, while 410 htz is played in the other ear. The braine will then sync up with difference of 10 htz, or Theta waves, which is associated with deep meditation and sleep.

Different binaural beats frequencies:

There are 4 different categories of frequencies typically targeted with binaural beats.

  • Beta- When you are operating in this brainwave frequency, you are generally awake and alert.
  • Alpha- This frequency is associated with daydreaming, afternoon naps, and light meditation. This is the best frequency for beginners to binaural
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  • Theta- This is the frequency your brain is in during deep meditation, or for most people, sleep.
  • Delta- Most commonly associated with deep sleep.

For more detailed info on brainwave frequencies, go here>>>

Why would you want to listen to binaural beats?

Most people listen to binaural beats just to relax and meditate, but there are all kinds of ways to use them. Different frequencies resonate differently in your body. Some of them actually trigger your body to release positive natural home ones and self produced chemicals like endorphins, HGH (human growth hormone), and serotonin.
These relaxing effects of lowering your brainwaves can have other great benefits. While in this state, as with meditation, you are more creative, intuitive, and (for lack of better terms) more “at one with yourself”. Listening to binaural beats helps you focus and clear your mind so you can think more clearly.
The Unexplainable Store has one of the most extensive and affordable library of binaural beat recordings available with targeted brainwave frequencies for anything from meditation, to focus, creativity, and even lucid dreaming and astral projection (Oooo… far out there stuff!)

Check out The Unexplainable Store here>>>


Other kinds of brainwave entrainment

There are other kinds of brainwave entrainment adios that have this same effect, but do not require headphones. Isochronic tones are some of the newest and arguably the most effective. They are single frequency tones, meaning that they are just an on and off sound,

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almost like the beeping of a metronome. Because of this, you do not need to wear headphones to get the effect of isotonic tones.
Monaural beats are another form of brain entrainment that is similar to binaural beats in that it uses two frequencies, however the frequencies are combined together before they come through your speakers, so they do not require headphones either.
Some really high quality brainwave entrainment recordings use combinations of all of these and more audio engineering effects to create some really powerful brainwave altering effects. If you are interested in this, try the free demo of The Brain Evolution System here.

Do Binaural beats work?

This is probably the most asked question by all of the YourBrainWaves.com readers.There are some people that claim that binaural beats do not work for them. I believe that most of the skeptics in the world who have failed with feeling the awesome effects of binaural beats, have quite simply not given it a fair try. I believe that isochronic tones work better than binaural beats, and most of the people that I know agree. There are a lot of people that have tried binaural beats unsuccessfully and given

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up on brainwave entrainment in general.
Here are some common reasons why binaural beats don’t work for some people>>>

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My advice overall for those that are having trouble with binaural beats is to try several different types of brainwave entrainment for free before giving up on it. It could quite possible be the best decision you ever made. Binaural beats and brainwave entrainment can not only change your brainwaves, it can change your life for the better.
For me and thousands of others, it had helped not only with being able to sleep better, have more energy, and relieve stress, it has helped me to be meditate and be more at one with myself leading to a happier and more fulfilling and successful life.

Check out my free ebook about brainwave entrainment and you will also get a free isochronic mp3 as well as great discounts on the latest binaural beats and brainwave entrainment.

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